I’ve never written a love letter before…at least not one like this.

Dear JFS,

While I know it may have been just another Tuesday for you, I still remember the day we met. October 6th, 2020. I realized what it meant to find a home away from home, a second family of sorts.

Everyone knows you as Goodman Jewish Family Services, but to me you have always been JFS.

Falling in love catches you by surprise. I remember finding a volunteering flyer nestled on my car’s windshield that day, and without even realizing, found myself driving to you.

Some may say there’s nothing alluring about packaging canned matzo ball soup and figurines, but it never mattered to me. After all, you know what they say about personality always beating out looks! The more I worked, the stronger our connection grew. I felt honored to just be with you, admiring the work you do for Holocaust survivor families daily.

So, thank you JFS. Thank you for showing me what it feels like to love without any expectation for reciprocation. Love without anything to gain, just merely the contentedness of contributing to something larger than myself.

Thank you for introducing me to Michelle Pines, the person I owe my newfound drive and passion to, and the best mentor I could have ever asked for.

And thank you for bringing me one step closer to my Jewish community.

Know that this is not a goodbye but a see you later.