School is back in session, and whether your child is starting a new school or is a returning student, back-to-school jitters are super common. Read more for some fun and creative tips to ensure a smooth transition. Plus, we’ve included links to helpful resources like local organizations, mindfulness apps, book series and more. 

 Be gentle with yourself and your children 

Take a moment to breathe before responding to your child’s concerns. Be aware of the conversations you have in front of your children as this can add to their anxieties. 

End the day with gratitude 

Focus on positive talk with your child. Discuss the three best parts of the day. 

Incorporate a visual schedule 

A visual schedule allows students with autism to know what to expect and when. A visual schedule can help reduce a student’s anxiety about non-preferred events by preparing them ahead of time. 

Connect with others 

Seek out opportunities to connect with others. Social connections provide meaning, purpose and a sense of belonging. 

Have fun 

Humor can be a great coping mechanism during life’s challenges—it allows us to emotionally distance ourselves from a situation in order to take on new perspectives. Humor fosters flexibility in thinking. 

Consider what has worked before 

What have you done in the past during stressful times that you can re-introduce now? 

Learn something new 

Taking up a new hobby, learning a new skill or trying something new is a great way to re-direct attention from worry and stress to something that can bring about positive and new experiences. 


Exercise has been found to have an extremely profound impact on mental health. Thirty minutes of moderate exercise five times a week is recommended; however, two 15-minute or even three 10-minute exercise sessions can be effective. 

Meditation and mindfulness 

There are many YouTube videos on breathing exercises for children that can help bring down stressors. 

Headspace app 

This is a mindfulness website with free access to all K-12 teachers, school administrators and supporting staff in US.


Behavioral Health Associates of Broward, Counseling Centers of Goodman JFS 954-909-0888

Broward County Jewish Abilities Alliance 

“What to Do When” book series by Dawn Huebner, Ph.D 

Social Stories for Children 

The Child Development Center of America 

Henderson Behavioral Health- Mobile Crisis Unit 954-463-0911 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 988

Broward 211   211 from Broward or dial 954-537-0211