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Psychologists in Broward County hosted a panel discussion, Monday, covering anxiety and stress that can come with going back-to-school during the pandemic.

Chief Psychologist and Director for Behavioral Health Associates of Broward, Dr. Jessica Ruiz spoke on the panel. She said teens are balancing a lot but parents can help them make their own choices.

“We help our children build resilience during times of adversity by helping them build some skills: How we can learn to problem solve? How we can manage our emotions? How we can learn to relax our bodies?”

During the panel parents and teachers sent in their questions, whether it was about their children’s’ anxiety or their own. When talking to each other, Ruiz told adults to be hopeful.

“Number one is don’t panic. Focus on some of the positive and be able to share that in your conversations with others so that we can start to shift,” said Ruiz.

Students in Broward County begin the new year, Wednesday, with e-learning online.

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