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Defining Neurodiversity

Defining Neurodiversity

Neurodiversity gets a lot of attention as a potential competitive advantage for business, but it is a lot broader than we think. Understanding our friends, colleagues, and others who may have mental health challenges, intellectual disabilities, acquired brain differences, learning disabilities, or something else like autism or ADHD is part of being human. This conversation will cover the foundations of neurodiversity, as well as allyship and advocacy at home and at work, including through the lens of Haley’s own experiences. This conversation aims to provide strategies and ideas for being a strong advocate and ally to neurodivergent people as well as advice for those who discover that they may be neurodivergent.

Speaker: Haley Moss, the first openly autistic lawyer, is a neurodiversity expert and the author of four books that guide neurodivergent individuals through professional and personal challenges.

Thursday, February 17, 7 p.m. | FREE

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