As an example of how Joshua’s Path/BOOST Disability Services helps families, I met an aging caregiver at one of our monthly seminars, who shared with me that she was widowed and had an adult daughter with a developmental disability. Having recently relocated from another state, her daughter was just sitting at home, with no friends, no job, no opportunities for socialization, and really no plan for the future. We connected the daughter with JCC’s Gib U Program for adults with special needs. She loved the classes and she even made several friends. We also helped the mother to find appropriate classes for seniors, where she too has met friends and stayed active. Shortly thereafter, we learned that the daughter dreamed of having a job. We were thrilled to offer her a spot in our inaugural BOOST session, where she made significant progress with her social skills, as well as many new friends. We are both excited and proud to report that she successfully graduated BOOST in September and is currently working with Best Buddies using her abilities, skills and interests to find her dream job. Within just a few months, this family’s life has been totally transformed through the support of Joshua’s Path, and we feel so honored and privileged to have been instrumental in their journey. Like many other families who we have supported through Joshua’s Path, they are no longer just surviving, but truly thriving.