Financial Assistance was recently contacted by a single Mom who called in tears. She has raised her little boy alone since he was 3 months old. She ran a successful business even working on her computer till 4:00am while her child slept. Now he is very ill and, at only four years old, has been diagnosed with arthritis and Crohn’s Disease. He is in constant pain and isolated. He asked his mommy if he would be able to play and run like the other kids when he got older. A drug he took suppressed his immune system, and he could not be around other children. So Mom cannot work during the day. There is hope, because he is now on another medication and hopefully, after one more infusion, he can return to school. Now however, her electricity was about to be disconnected and she was behind on her mortgage. Electricity is not a luxury. She could not cook the special food her child required: all of their food would spoil, his expensive medication would be ruined and there would be no air conditioning. We assisted them with the electricity and mortgage payment so they could remain safely in their home.