As a parent of one of the Joshua’s Path ZoomTogether participants, and Legal Guardian to another participant, I am so thankful to Goodman Jewish Family Services for offering this necessary service to this population. I think it is so important to shed light on what parents who are caring for adults with disabilities go through on a daily basis, especially now during the COVID crisis. I also need to express my gratitude to Goodman JFS and the Joshua’s Path department for stepping up and creating an innovative, unique and timely program, reminding us that we are not alone. I know I am just one parent and sharing my one story, but the programs and services made available through your disability program have become my lifeline and I know they have been the same for so many others.

As you are aware, adults with I/DD experience isolation, depression and anxiety once they age out of federally funded programs at the age of 22. The ZoomTogether Program offers adapted, purposeful, engaging content. Samantha Sehter is a gifted teacher and leads the class with confidence, enthusiasm and patience. Samantha’s passion and understanding for this population is apparent. Thanks to Goodman JFS, my daughter and others like her with I/DD have the opportunity to learn, socialize and connect virtually.