The Dorit & Ben J. Genet Cupboard represents love, compassion, hope and the simplest of gestures which seems lost in today’s world, kindness, helping another because you can with no strings attached. Just the want to positively impact a family’s life. Clients are treated with such respect that we are not embarrassed by our circumstances but are lifted up by the generosity and smiles when greeted through the doors. We are not questioned on how we ended up in our circumstances but encouraged to help ourselves and in return another.

I am a single mother of a teenage child. Like all of us we have a story. I feel it’s important to share it, so others not only understand our circumstances but are moved by it. I hope it allows a platform to share the Cupboard’s impact while offering an invitation for many who may not know the significant yet quiet unspoken need in our community.

I was an established single parent whose teenage son had a bright future. He was active in the community and wanted to be a lawyer. Then, life happened. My son became ill and was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. We were and are in for the fight of our lives. All resources I had and have are depleted on insurance, medical bills and weekly brain treatments and medication insurance does not cover. The decision became between medication/treatments or meals other than what seemed like grilled cheese, egg sandwiches and water. He and I gladly choose my son’s medication/treatments but the need for milk and fundamentals were apparent.

It was when I reached the Cupboard and saw Vicky’s smiling face, I then realize how lucky we were. Chicken, strawberries, milk, eggs and the staples for a nutritious meal for my child. It was and is the best decision I have made. There is no greater love than from one’s family. Sometimes that family comes from an unexpected place. That family is found not only at and through the volunteers and employees at the Cupboard but from the generosity of its contributors and local businesses who sustain it.

A very grateful client,
Mom and Son in Davie