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Goodman JFS is dedicated to serving the Broward County community by empowering individuals and protecting the vulnerable. Read the many ways our innovative social services have impacted lives.

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I enjoy volunteering and the idea of helping others is very rewarding and gratifying. It has given me great satisfaction and happiness knowing that I am serving my clients. Getting my clients out of their homes to go shopping and to their doctor’s appointment is very important because they need to keep active so they can remain living independently.

I understand the loneliness and suffering of many people and I am honored to give my time in making a difference in someone’s life. Volunteering has helped me a lot. I am in better shape mentally and physically.

Thank you for giving this opportunity!

-Gary, JET Express volunteer

I am extremely grateful to both Coast to Coast Legal Aid and Goodman JFS for the compassion they showed in dealing with my situation. I would love to send out special Kudos to Jeff and Anna Maria for showing such kindness, understanding and caring that only true Samaritans can achieve. You are fortunate to have them among you. Mazel-tov and God Bless.

-Tom, Financial Assistance client

Being a JET Express driver is about doing a good deed for my clients and the community. My rewards come from helping and I take pleasure in taking my client where she needs to go since she no longer drives. She has become part of my family.

Volunteering gives my retirement an extra flavor and it allows me to appreciate life.

-Edward, JET Express volunteer

Mrs. L. was referred to Goodman JFS from Hallandale Human Services because her water had been disconnected for several days. She and her husband are both disabled, and they receive government benefits. She could not remember the events leading up to the water being disconnected. The client was assessed as “frail and forgetful.” Hallandale Human Services and Goodman JFS worked together to get the utility bill paid and services restored. The client was referred to AARP for evaluation and was approved for home care services, four hours a day, several times a week.

-Financial Assistance Care Manager

Ms. J. contacted Goodman JFS requesting relocation services. She is disabled and is taking care of her grandchildren because her daughter passed away several years ago. They had to move because the home was in bad condition (mold, broken walls and floors, etc.). The client had a Section 8 Housing Voucher that would expire in 10 days and although she had been looking for a place for several months, she had been unsuccessful. She was paying for a motel and couldn’t afford to relocate. The children had very little clothing, and the other agencies she contacted were unable to assist with all her needs.

Goodman JFS was able to act as her advocate by working with a landlord, getting her public benefits reinstated, providing gift cards for food and clothing for the children and working with another agency to get them beds and household items. This family was able to start a new life in a new home.

-Financial Assistance Care Manager

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