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Goodman JFS is dedicated to serving the Broward County community by empowering individuals and protecting the vulnerable. Read the many ways our innovative social services have impacted lives.

We recently received the following note from a family in which the mother, the main bead winner suffered a massive stroke. The Financial Assistance Program has been helping with the mortgage and car payment:

“There are no words to express how thankful we are for the assistance you gave us. Not sure how we would be managing without it. Life has sent us a curve ball and we are trying to navigate it. We appreciate the help, it’s very important that after all I’ve been through at least our lives are not completely shattered. Every day is a battle to be strong and push forward.

Thank you for making it possible for semblance of normalcy.

May hashem bless you for helping others. May we all have health and happiness.”

Financial Assistance Care Manager

Just a quick note that say thanks a million!!! The client picked up his glasses yesterday and he is absolutely over the moon and can’t stop talking about it! He can finally see and read again. He was surprised to find out how clear his picture on is TV is. With that said, he is trying to figure out what to do for you guys. He’s an awesome baker, and wants to know if you like banana bread or pumpkin bread, or both. Let me know when you get a second and I will relay the message back to him.

Thanks again for all you do!!! You guys are invaluable to a lot of people in Broward.

Tanja, Program Officer, Community Impact, United Way of Broward County

Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for accepting K.W. into the Joshua’s Path BOOST Program at Goodman Jewish Family Services. This has been a wonderful experience for K.W., who was very depressed prior to her participating in BOOST. We were searching for a program for her that would help her develop her social skills, build employment skills, and enhance her independence.

She absolutely loves attending BOOST. The Program Director, Samantha, has developed an outstanding curriculum; one that is sorely lacking in the community. There is a huge gap in services for young adults with IDD over the age of 22. The curriculum was educational and empowering. Lessons were organized and comprehensive. K.W., who is normally distant, opened up to her class and to the coaching staff and developed wonderful new relationships. She learned proper behaviors and how to communicate better with her peers.

The work experiences were her favorite section of the BOOST program. She looked forward to working hard every day and learned skills that have given her confidence to be part of a family. We are confident that K.W. will be able to maintain purposeful employment and will be a contributing member of the community.

Bonnie, guardian of a BOOST participant

Goodman JFS does amazing things to assist Holocaust survivors maintain their independence while aging with dignity in their own homes, thanks to the funding from the Claims Conference grant. One of our clients, a 96-year-old Holocaust survivor from Poland has stated to her care manager that, “these services have saved her life.” This client has survived Auschwitz concentration camp and other forms of persecution throughout the war. She is a resilient and strong woman, who wanted to be as independent as possible. As she became frailer, she agreed to allow us to provide her with a life alert system (PERS). The day the PERS arrived, she fell and broke her hip. Without the PERS system, she would have not been found until late next morning when her aide arrived. We also provided her with over 100 hours of home care a week until she was fully healed.  Her medication made her feel very nauseous and she could not keep food down, so we also made sure she had Publix gift cards to purchase Ensure, as well as a wheelchair, a bed side commode, grab bars and incontinent supplies. The client is very grateful to GJFS and the Claims Conference for “saving her life” and providing her with all the care and financial assistance she needed to recuperate.

Anonymous, Holocaust survivor care manager

I was so overwhelmed by my situation at the time of having to move. Everyone was very professional. The front desk at Goodman JFS to the Intake Representative. The first meeting with Jeff (Coast to Coast Legal Aid) was so encouraging. I was respected very much. I would refer anyone to this service. The staff at The Dorit & Ben J. Genet Cupboard was very helpful. ALL my stress was removed immediately by wonderful and caring people. My experience with everyone was top service and #1 in assisting people going thru any problems.

Secondly, each individual knew their job and was very knowledgeable. I would not be here if I didn’t discover all the services available.  Finally, I thank you very much and my family and my friends thank you. I found a shining light at the end of the tunnel.

Patricia, Financial Assistance client

A retired Army veteran who could not make ends meet came in to The Dorit & Ben J. Genet Cupboard wearing his army fatigues and dog tags. He had been living on peanut butter sticks and water from the Dollar Store and had an empty pantry. When he came to The Cupboard, he marveled at the fresh produce, kosher chicken and homemade challah. We filled two bulging bags of groceries for him and he was so grateful that he wanted to hug and thank all of the staff after he finished shopping. “I never needed help before in my life,” he told us.

It is so gratifying to have such a positive impact on those in need in our community, and to know that now there is one less person who has to go to bed hungry tonight.

Lu Fiegler, The DBJG Cupboard Director

The following are thank you letters received from the children of a Family Link Care Management client who no longer needs our services due to the client’s move to an Assisted Living Facility:

Beryl — thank you so much for your help and guidance through this journey. You made an enormous difference in all of our lives. Your kind guidance helped my mom accept these painful transitions with dignity; your creativeness helped us keep her independent as per her wishes. She is getting the services she now needs at Plantation and seems to be adjusting well. It is not easy to relocate at this time in her life, but it was the right move at the right time…isn’t that what it’s all about? All the best to you and we’ll reach out if we need anything!!

Joan, daughter of a Family Link Care Management client

I’m writing to notify you that Mom will no longer require your services, as she is now settled into her independent living situation and receiving daily home health supervision. Our family is truly grateful for your help in managing this challenging phase of our mother’s life. Should you ever need a reference, don’t hesitate to contact Joan or me.

— Theo, son of a Family Link Care Management client

Joan & Theo, children of a Family Link Care Management client

JET Express has been a life saver to me. This service helps me to get out, go places and meet new people. Lenny, my best friend, and I rode together using JET Express. Recently Lenny passed and I became lonely and depressed.

I spoke with Pamela at JET Express about my loss of Lenny. She was very concerned about my emotional and physical state. Pam said she has a wonderful driver who is dedicated, loving and caring and she would enjoy taking me places.

I am very grateful to Pamela for caring and bringing Lynn and Zev, her service dog, into my life. I look forward to spending time together with both of them on a weekly basis. Lynn not only takes me where I need to go, she accompanies me whether it is shopping, dining, going to the bank and other outings. This is truly a personalized service. Lynn and Zev light up my life each time I see them. She and Zev are so loving and attentive. She goes above and beyond to make sure I am socially active. Lynn and Zev are now part of my family.

Thank you JET Express!

Mary, JET Express client

I enjoy volunteering and the idea of helping others is very rewarding and gratifying. It has given me great satisfaction and happiness knowing that I am serving my clients. Getting my clients out of their homes to go shopping and to their doctor’s appointment is very important because they need to keep active so they can remain living independently.

I understand the loneliness and suffering of many people and I am honored to give my time in making a difference in someone’s life. Volunteering has helped me a lot. I am in better shape mentally and physically.

Thank you for giving this opportunity!

Gary, JET Express volunteer

I am extremely grateful to both Coast to Coast Legal Aid and Goodman JFS for the compassion they showed in dealing with my situation. I would love to send out special Kudos to Jeff and Anna Maria for showing such kindness, understanding and caring that only true Samaritans can achieve. You are fortunate to have them among you. Mazel-tov and God Bless.

Tom, Financial Assistance client

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