Landlord Verification Statement – Move-In

Landlord Verification Statement - Move In



do certify that

Will reside at

and will occupy on

MM slash DD slash YYYY

This apartment/room will be occupied by

Rent for this apartment is

Rent paid is by

Amount owed to move-in is

due on

If further information is required, I can be contacted at the following

I do, hereby, certify that the above information is complete and accurate. I understand that I may need to provide documentation to support what I have stated and I agree to do this. I understand that any person who knowingly fails, by false statement, misrepresentation or impersonation to disclose a material fact used in deciding to receive benefits under any State or Federally funded assistance program, or who knowingly aids another person to receive such benefits is guilty of a crime and shall be punished as provided in Chapter 409,325, Sub-Section (5).

I attest, as the Property Manager/Owner, that I am not a relative of the tenant and that I have the legal right to lease the above-mentioned property to the tenant. I further attest, that funds used toward a security deposit will be refunded to Goodman Jewish Family Services as the agency paying on behalf of the tenant.

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