Choose Your Vibe – For Teens Only, Ages 13-15

Choose Your Vibe – For Teens only, ages 13 – 15

What is anxiety? “Good” stress vs. “bad” stress?

Learn strategies to neutralize stress, get tips for problem solving, and learn to create positive change in this confidential, virtual support group.

Some techniques you will learn:

  • Grounding Techniques – Turn your attention from anxious thoughts to the present moment
  • Breathing Techniques – Help you control your breath and heart rate
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation – Relax different parts of your body, one muscle group at a time

You are not alone. 31% of teens experience anxiety.

6-Week Virtual Support Group

Presented by James and Jared

$10.00 per session

Call 954-909-0888 or email to register.