At our annual meeting in June 2021, we honored our employee of the year, Joan Johns, and our leader, David Malcun.

Employee of the Year: Joan Johns

From her warm greetings to her mentorship of new employees, Joan Johns is an outstanding member of our JFS accounting team. Even when the pandemic impacted her daily routine, she remained optimistic. Joan recognizes that each and every one of her responsibilities is in service of the community. Her grace and her commitment are unparalleled, and we applaud her efforts.

Leader of the Year: David Malcun

Our leader of the year, David Malcun, was recently promoted to Chief Operating Officer. David joined our agency during a time of transition when leadership and guidance were most needed. He stepped up and led staff through a challenging end to 2020 while adjusting to his role. His most outstanding leadership quality is his initiative. Despite wearing many hats, he performs all his duties with a “can-do” attitude. Most importantly, David fiercely supports his team. He made an effort to know each employee and has improved communication throughout the agency, and has done an excellent job.