JET Express has been a life saver to me. This service helps me to get out, go places and meet new people. Lenny, my best friend, and I rode together using JET Express. Recently Lenny passed and I became lonely and depressed.

I spoke with Pamela at JET Express about my loss of Lenny. She was very concerned about my emotional and physical state. Pam said she has a wonderful driver who is dedicated, loving and caring and she would enjoy taking me places.

I am very grateful to Pamela for caring and bringing Lynn and Zev, her service dog, into my life. I look forward to spending time together with both of them on a weekly basis. Lynn not only takes me where I need to go, she accompanies me whether it is shopping, dining, going to the bank and other outings. This is truly a personalized service. Lynn and Zev light up my life each time I see them. She and Zev are so loving and attentive. She goes above and beyond to make sure I am socially active. Lynn and Zev are now part of my family.

Thank you JET Express!