Holiday season, with its work and social gatherings, holiday shopping, decoration contests, family get-togethers, and the reminder of another year coming to an end, can bring about a vast array of emotions.

For some, it is a time of joy, relief, adventure, hope and inspiration; and it is often these emotions we are expected to feel this time of year. Yet, for many, it is a time of mourning, sadness, regret, stress, despair, and loneliness. And for the vast majority of people, it is a mix of all of the above.

So, if you find yourself experiencing a whirlwind of emotions, or even if the heavier ones are most prominent now, know the following: First, you are not alone, and if you are willing to take the leap and share those emotions, even with one person, you will likely discover this truth relatively quickly. Second, even though it may feel like the season and its accompanying emotions have taken over your life, it is just a brief period of time and it will pass. Third, you are allowed to give yourself permission to take time to feel your feelings and engage in behaviors that ground and support you-just a few ideas: go for a walk, put your favorite quote somewhere you can see it every day and read it out loud, take 3 deep breaths, assert healthy boundaries, listen to songs that encourage you to belt out your emotions, dance, stretch, journal/draw, focus in on what you see/smell/hear/taste/feel in different environments, reach out to anyone who you feel connected to in some way (a call, text, FaceTime can do a lot for both of you!).

And four, if the other three things are just not enough right now, offer yourself 10 seconds of courage to seek outside support – it is there waiting for you, and you deserve it.

1) Crisis Text Line: Text “HOME” to 741741. (can also message on Facebook) 

Provides free emotional support and information to kids and teens in any type of crisis, including feeling suicidal. You can text (or use WhatsApp) with a trained specialist 24 hours a day on a secure, confidential platform. 

2) YouthLine – Text teen2teen to 839863, or call 1-877-968-8491 

For children and adults ages 11 to 21, to talk through any issues they may be facing, including eating disorders, relationship or family concerns, bullying, sexual identity, depression, self-harm, anxiety and thoughts of suicide with a trained fellow teen or adult. 

3) National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 9-8-8 

24-hour, toll-free, and confidential support to anyone in suicidal crisis or emotional distress. Call to connect with a skilled, trained counselor at a crisis center. Support is available in English and Spanish and via live chat at (also provides information and tips on supporting yourself if you’re feeling suicidal and/or supporting someone else). 

The deaf and hard of hearing can contact the Lifeline via TTY at 1-800-799-4889 

4) The Trevor Helpline: 1-800-850-8078 

Specializes in suicide prevention support for LGBTQ+ population. 

5) Kids Helpline: 1 800 55 1800 (ages 5+, and for caregivers) 

Free, safe, anonymous calls facilitated by Kids Helpline Counsellors. 

Also walks through stressors and provides guidance via web for non-crisis: 

6) Florida Parentline (for caregivers): 1-800-FLA-LOVE (1-800-352-5629) 

Free, confidential support for caregivers 

For Immediate Concern about your or someone one else’s safety, get an in-person response: 

1) Henderson Behavioral Health YES Team, 954-677-3113, opt. 3 

2) Text the word “safe”& your current location to 4HELP (44357); you’ll receive a message w/the closest Safe Place site & phone #. For immediate help, reply w/ “2chat” to text interactively w/a trained counselor. 

At Goodman Jewish Family Services we are here for anyone who would like ongoing support (during and after the season!); please call us at 954-909-0888.