Deborah Fox, Goodman JFS Clinical Social Worker

March 27th, 2017 - jfsbroward

Hello, my name is Deborah Fox, and I am a licensed clinical social worker and a certified hypnotherapist at Goodman Jewish Family Services. I have a master’s degree in social work from Barry University in Miami Shores. I also earned two BA degrees from the University of South Florida in Tampa, one in English/journalism for secondary education and the other in public relations. After graduating from USF in 1977, I began working for Goodman Jewish Family Services as their first intake worker. That was almost 40 years ago, and I never left.

Deborah Fox, Goodman JFSWhat inspired me to choose the field of social work has been the labor of love that it encompasses for me. I have always wanted to help others, providing them a bridge between what they are struggling with, and the hope of a more positive tomorrow, filled with hope and aspirations of what is to come in the future.  The many clients with whom I have worked over the span of time is very valuable to me, and I can attest only to the fact that this journey we take, we take together, not alone.

A social worker uses the talents of both the creative arts and the logic of science, accepting and embracing each and every person with whom we work seriously. We appreciate their life challenges and losses. We offer them an opportunity to create a healthier path, providing them direction and special guidance in reaching that end, knowing that life and education are a process of learning and growing.

A success story:

A 47 year old female came to Goodman JFS looking for an opportunity to vent the pent-up anger that she had within her. The client has a long history of living with a chronic illness that has greatly impacted her ability to have a life – a life that included a promising position of employment and successful relationships. She yearned for a sense of belonging, either to someone or to something.   In addition to providing therapy to help her cope with sadness and helplessness, the client needed the agency to assist her in dealing with financial hardships and the increasing threat of becoming homeless.

The client saw Goodman JFS as a vehicle to assist her with learning a new, adaptive and positive “skill set.”  In time, her feelings of self-worth, confidence and tolerance for others increased significantly. She learned to control her inner angst and outward aggression by decreasing her anger and without needing to defend herself.

The client is extremely grateful to Goodman JFS for the counseling services she received, as well as for the financial assistance we provided in paying her outstanding bills.  She is now living with family out of state, embarking on a new chapter in her life. With our help, this client realized her vision with the hope and dream of a future filled with promise. She is now capable of moving forward with her life, despite her ever-present health concerns. The client is aware and more receptive to the idea of accepting what she can and cannot control in her life, and that “it takes a village” to enrich and provide the sustenance and the promise of hopefulness that is so necessary in our life.

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